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So I got way behind in Doctor Who lately. So I sort of... watched from "Waters of Mars" all the way to "Flesh and Stone" today. And... I'm disappointed. I really am.

As I understand it, David Tennant left the show to give the new writers some freedom with their Doctor. So why, why, why is this new Doctor exactly the same as the old one? He has a thousand mannerisms in common with him, he acts the same, he's just... a little bit tamer. I do not watch DW for the tame. This is boring. I'm disappointed. Yes, I loved Ten. I loved him to death and I wish he hadn't left. I would have loved to see him traveling with the Master for a while, or even if he'd taken a series to die of radiation poisoning--it would have been tragic, but we would have gotten more Ten, which is clearly what these writers wanted to write. Having Eleven being the same as Ten is basically wasting a regeneration. It's boring. I really, really don't like watching Matt Smith play Tennant!Doctor and thinking "Tennant did this so much better," because from what I've seen, Matt Smith isn't a bad actor. It's just that the writers have screwed him over big time by giving him a part that Tennant already played.

I'll probably watch the rest of the series anyway, but I'm really not looking forward to Eleven getting killed off fast so that they can have a proper regeneration this time.

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Date: 2010-05-08 09:33 am (UTC)
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I know what you mean -- I'm not such a big fan of Ten but it's the same feeling of "why is this all the same? You have endless possibilities in the premise of the character and you choose to rehash old ground?"



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