Sep. 3rd, 2010 03:23 pm
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Set in the 'verse of my story Pantheon. POV is that of Timothy Carpenter. Prompt is from [community profile] musing_way.


I'm not allowed into the beyond-world. It seems patently unfair to me that the patron of the dead and the domain of death don't overlap. I know I'll see it someday--but people invariably ask me what's beyond, and I can't answer, and I can never give them a satisfactory answer as to why I can't answer when I'm their patron and I'm leading them to the beyond-world.

Where I have been, however, is the labyrinth.

I'm not sure why it's called a labyrinth. There are too many forks and dead ends for it to be a labyrinth--though really it only takes one before it's a maze. I've been through it so often I could walk it in my sleep--but even when you've died, your mind can abandon you on tasks you've performed hundreds of times.

She was a singer. She had talent but she'd wasted it for fame and money, like every other singer out there. She'd never done drugs or drank because she wanted to keep her figure and face for her career and she didn't want the tabloids to "eat her alive". I've seen people who were eaten alive. What the tabloids do doesn't compare. When I told her that she shut up, but then she went on to say she was even still a virgin because she was a good girl and wasn't going to let fame ruin that.

I turned around and explained to her that I didn't care, that it wasn't my job to care and that I couldn't do anything about her newfound lack of life and her old life wasn't interesting enough for me to care anyway--and I was lost. I didn't 'get' lost, I just took myself off autopilot and wasn't sure how to put myself back on it.

I grabbed her wrist, this uninteresting dead singer girl, and we wandered for several hours. I almost panicked, but the lack of a pulse or adrenaline makes it hard to get really anxious. Eventually we came to a crossing I recognized and I pulled her down the correct pathway, and did my best to ignore her the rest of the way to the door to the beyond-world.

As soon as I was out of the labyrinth, I curled into a ball and started rocking back and forth. I think a long time ago, that's what I used to do when my mother was still around to comfort me.

That's the last time I got lost in the labyrinth.
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