May. 3rd, 2010 01:31 am
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This is set in the 'verse of my story "Pantheon". Prompt is from [community profile] dailyprompt.



Di held up her hands and made a face. The twins’ mother laughed. “Ugh. It looks like it. Here, why don’t we get that washed off?”

Bri kept working on her drawing. Di had been using glue, but Bri only needed markers for her art projects.

“Icky,” Di complained.

“I see that. Here, hold your hands there.”

“Fixy sticky, Mommy!” Di demanded.

“That’s what I’m doing, sweetie. Just hold your hands under the water for Mommy. Okay?”

Bri kept drawing. She had finished with the yellow and moved on to the green. When she was done, she would give it to her parents. Or Di. Usually Di was right there when she finished and took it before she finished offering.

There wasn’t much green in this picture. She moved on to the blue.

“Icky!” Di complained again. “Too sticky!”

“That’s what the soap is for, Diana,” their mother said, smiling.

Bri started scribbling with the blue, filling in a vast section of the paper.

“There we go. How’s that?”

“No sticky no more!” Di held up her hands and smiled.

“That’s right. No sticky no more.” Their mother laughed and gave Di an Eskimo kiss before carrying her back over to Bri and setting her down. “No more glue, okay?”

“No more sticky,” Di repeated.

“That’s right. No more sticky.”

Bri set down the blue and picked up the purple. She filled in a few small areas of the paper, then turned it over and wrote BRE in large, clumsy letters. The “E” had too many cross-bars.

Di looked at the paper. “Whatsit?” she asked.

“Issa Angel,” Bri answered.

Di picked up the paper and looked at it. “Angels have haloes,” she objected.

Bri shook her head. “Angels just fly in fronna the sun. See?” She pointed to the sun and the way the rays stuck out from behind the angel’s head.

“Oh.” Di considered that. “Where’d you see it?”

“Out there.” Bri pointed to the front window.

Di looked. “I don’t see nothing.”

“You can’t. He’s mine.”

“Oh. Can I keep the picture?”

Bri nodded.

Their mother came over. “Time to put this away, girls. We’re having dinner soon.”

“Okay!” the twins said together.

Five minutes later, the unseen Angel was forgotten.
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